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How to Make Clay Stamps for Pottery with a 3D Printer - Part 1: Illustrator

Hey guys!

Today, I'm showing you the Illustrator portion of how to make a 3d printed stamp. So first thing we're going to do is we're going to open up Adobe Illustrator and we're going to just start any old file here. Now, before we do that, I want to show you what it is we're going to be making. We're going to be making a stamp.

It looks kind of like that, that says, you know, you always do your stamps backwards because when they're put onto the stamped under the clay and pressed onto the clay, they will then be forward. So we're going to make sense like that. We'll do Perry families. What I have here, maybe we'll do a different family. So the first thing I do is open up illustrator and I am going to,

you're not going to need most of the properties like you normally would. We're just going to draw it up oval here. And we are going to do text on a path. There's two ways to do this. You can either hover over it and hit the alt option key. Or you can just go to text type on a path. I don't have that type right here.

I'm going to type Perry family. I'm going to use a different font this time. So I'll make this font happy to be one. It may be that big. I will adjust With these letters. Now I realize it's not centered yet. Also we're going to pick out a different font. Maybe that's kind of fun. That's too tight. I think how like that,

I mean, I've been using this American typewriter a lot. Okay. So we got our texts on a path, but it's not in the right place where going to do is come over here to the main black arrow, click on that. And you'll see these over here at the base of these two squares with lines going through it. That's the beginning and end point as you can see,

so the family doesn't go anymore. That's where my text ends. This is where it begins. I need to, I'll just hover over that thing until I get this black line with the arrow and I'll move it to the center point. Sometimes it's hard to know the center point. So you can also go up here to view rulers, show you your ruler.

And then from the rulers, you can pull down guides and guides. Have you get things just right? Maybe one way is okay, right about there. Looks good to me. Okay. We got that. Now, Ken, the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to select this text. I'm going to go to object expand. And what this does is it takes that text right now.

This text is still editable. I can change it. It could become the Perez family, But I can still change it. But what I'm about to do is go to object, expand, and that will bust it up so that it's no longer texts. Now it's a bunch of points. So you can see that. So you can actually, if you like,

a lot of designers will take these. We'll make something really fun with a, you know, maybe that'd be killing like a happy phase or something. Or maybe this is a bearded, a bearded Perry. We're not going to do that, but you can adjust those, but this is a vector now just a vector path. So if we printed it like this,

if we 3d printed it like this, when I stamped it under the clay, it would actually be opposite. It would be in reverse. So I've done this a hundred times. I've done it once. Let's take this and let's go to object, transform, reflect, and we're reflecting over the vertical video, the horizontal to do that. But if you do it over the vertical,

it does it backwards. Okay. So let's back up the train and see what we got here. That looks pretty good to me. So now what I'm going to do, and this is just something I like to do here is I like to adjust the art board. Art board is basically like the size of your canvas. And when I import that into fusion,

if it's crazy big, it'll, it's oftentimes just a little bit harder. I don't want to go too close to the sides of my, a text a year or I'll make more problems for myself later, but we'll do it about like that. And I'm just going to go save and we want to save it as an SVG file SVG right here. That's a vector graphic May go Perry family too.

Okay. Save them and save it to the desktop. See if I got it. There. There it is. Here's my Perry family to SVG.

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