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Grinding Kiln Shelves

Today, we're talking about cleaning killed shelves. Now this is not the most fun activity, but you have to know how to do it. Or when you have a glaze that runs off onto your shelves, you're going to be like, "oh no!". Or you'll always be afraid of running things off onto your shelves and you won't really experiment or push the envelope in your glaze making.

So today we're going to cover that.

You need a few things to do this. You need a rubbing brick. ( or This is probably the most helpful thing you'll you'll get in terms of cleaning this, this shelf off.

You need some good gloves. ( You don't cut your fingers.

You need a P 95 mask. ( Cause you're going to be releasing this killing wash. As you scrape it off, it's going to be going into the air and you're going to be breathing that in. So you don't want that going into your lungs.

Kiln Wash ( or MAKE YOUR OWN! It's easy!

------Basic Kiln Wash Recipe:

50% EPK (

50% Silica

(really... that's it).

Safety Glasses (

And lastly, you need a angle grinder. ( So the worse, the run or the worst, the, a spot on your shelf, the more you're going to need this. So let me just explain what we're going to do. We are going to first, I'm going to go over the shelf. I'm not going to do this inside.

I never do this inside because you're just releasing all this dust into your space. So I'm going to go outside the backyard.

I'm going to take this and I'm just going to kind of run it over all the place that I don't know. If you can see, I have some little spots where it's just stuck a little bit. That's not even on there very much, but second, a little bit. And then I have a few spots that it's a little Glossier there. You can see where the glaze is actually on the shelf.

I'm going to have to get the angle grinder to get some of that off. So what I'm going to do is just go over it with the rubbing brick and anything. I can't get off. I'm going to use the angle grinder for, and then last name gonna cover it with Kim wash. So that's another thing you need is killing wash. And if you would rather just make your kill wash, it is super easy.

Thanks for watching. I hope that helped. If you're interested in any of the gear I used in this video or similar gear, check out the links below until next time I'm MJ Perry and keep learning.

For more info on kiln wash recipes, check out these two Ceramic Arts Network articles from John Britt and and Sylvia Nagy::


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Leather Work Gloves:

Angle Grinder:

Eye Protection:

Pottery Wheels and Other Studio Equipment:

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