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How I shoot Product Photography at Home with the Amazon Basics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box

Hey guys!

I'm about to shoot some 360 video shots of these mugs I did a specific gravity test on, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you guys my light box situation that I use to do product photography and also 360 video shots for or 360 rotating video shots for promoting my different wares online.

So this is the Amazon basics light box. I've had this for maybe six months or so. I'm not sure whenever I started selling online and it's real easy, pull it up like so holds up very compact. Here's got this. I'll show you here. See if you can see this here. My light's not the best for this, but this comes up. And when this comes up, it breaks down really easy.

So show how this works is there is a See if you can see this, This little area up here, that houses a adapter power adapter. This one right here. And it plugs in on a little hole right here on the side wallah. Okay. So what I didn't do here is this is so cool. So this here's the light box right in here.

Wow. So bright.

And so this little piece comes down like this and you pull it out, just a hair. And it's kind of like a gradient white background, but this can come down too, and it kind of blocks everything else off. And it's got these cool magnetic windows that you can shoot from within. So I'm gonna leave it open for right now just because it does provide,

well, that's pretty bright. Huh? You can't hardly see me. Can you? Not that you want to see me, but let's do that for right now. So what I'm going to do here, let me show you one other piece of equipment that I got to help me with this.

So this is just, I don't know what this is technically for, but it's like a motorized lazy Susan that spins around. Maybe it's technically for this, but I got it so that I could spin my pots around without ha and it's real consistent movement. So as a, as a video guy, you know, I knew you could shoot some really good video shots this way and pan and scan on the surface of these where's that have all this detail in the glaze.

You know, you don't get that and you know, cheap stuff that's made in the factory somewhere. But with these, these glazes that we mix up, you can get so many really beautiful textures. And that's part of what people love drinking out of handmade stuff is it's like, it's just so rich. It's like drinking out of a work of art. You know, at least some people sit in some people's wares.

Okay, let me set this up and I'll show you how I shoot. Okay. So this right here is just a piece of a hardboard white hardboard that I kind of taped the center point, going to be in the center, turn that on. And really that is all there is to it.

My friends, there's, there's a little bit more to it. You want to make sure that when you're shooting this, you get it right in the center otherwise. Well, for the way I shoot anyway, cause I like to get really close on this stuff. And if it's not in the center that as it's on your screen, it's going to drift over with.

Sometimes it's not a big deal, but when I'm putting stuff on Amazon or Etsy or wherever I'm putting it, I like to have a video shot that shows the thing in the round. So yeah, I'll just switch these out. That's what I'm going to do right now. All right. Thanks for watching. If you liked this, check out the link in the description below, and I'll put one to this, a little lazy Susan too, or whatever it's called because they have been hugely helpful for me in creating video and photo materials around my pottery. All right. Thanks guys.


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Amazon Basics Lightbox:

Motorized Lazy Susan (couldn't find my exact one, here are some alternatives):

Pottery Wheels and Other Studio Equipment:

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