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  • Where can I buy tiles that fit the Tile Spinner?
    I have these tiles from Home Depot. I think these tiles from Amazon will work as well.
  • Is there supposed to be a gap between the tile and the Tile Spinner?
    Yes! there is a 1/16" (1.5mm) gap between the tile and the Tile Spinner to help you get the tile in and out smoothly. The tile is held securely in place (so there is no wobble when throwing) by a thin layer of clay you lay down below the tile, in the open center area of the spinner.
  • How much clay do I use to secure the tile in the Tile Spinner?
    I generally place a small 1 ounce ball of clay, then spin it flat to make a small pancake of clay inside the empty space in the middle of the Tile Spinner. Then I place the tile on top of that.
  • How do you get the tile out of the Tile Spinner?
    Use the pry areas on either side of the Tile Spinner to get the tile out of the spinner. You can use any tool that does the job :)
here's what I'm using:

Original Prusa Mini+

BEST VALUE (my favorite)

Ender 3

My Budget Option 

Ender 3 v2

Another Budget Option 

Original Prusa i3 MKS

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Elegoo Mars

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